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Jowatherm Classic Hot Melt Cartrige (Natural)

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$ 5.99
SKU: JW.286.80
Jowatherm Classic Hot Melt Cartrige (Natural)

Jowatherm Classic Hot Melt Cartrige (Natural)

$ 5.99

Universal medium-high viscosity edgebanding hot melt for classic cartridge edgebanders.  Suitable for primed HPL, prived PVC, ABS, solid wood, veneer, and resinated paper edgebands.

Characteristics/Directions for use:  Medium viscosity hot melt.  Good adhesion properties; especially to primed HPL.  Good color and heat stability in the melt.

Application Temp:  356-392 degrees F
The Structure of the edge material and working conditions may influence the bond. 

**The primer MUST consist of Jowacoll 148.50 Diluted with water 50/50.  Due to the differences in HPL, we strongly recommend to carry out suitability tests prior to production.**

Sold as:  Each.  Qty (1) = 1 cartridge
Color:  natural


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