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Polycryl, Wood Fortifier, Quart

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$ 21.95
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Polycryl, Wood Fortifier, Quart

Polycryl, Wood Fortifier, Quart

$ 21.95

Do you have a piece of soft, punky, or spalted wood that you would like to turn, carve or work with? Then give this wood fortifier a try, it will strengthen the wood and make it easier to work with, especially for turners. It dries clear and will not yellow in the wood.

POLYCRYL, is a concentrated, high molecular weight acrylic polymer that will fill and strengthen soft, spalted or punky wood. It will dry clear and will not yellow the wood. POLYCRYL is water-soluble and penetrates best when wood is wet. It will help make carving and turning easier by fortifying the wood. Penetration varies depending on the density of the wood you are treating.
Easy and safe to use with soap and water clean up. Polycryl™wood fortifier can be brushed on or soaked in a Polycryl™solution. All types of finishes and glues can be used once Polycryl™ wood fortifierhas dried into the wood.
- Available in Quart
- Since POLYCRYL is water-based, treated wood needs to be finished so the product will not wash out.
-POLYCRYL should be diluted with hot tap water and brushed on or the wood can be immersed (soaked) into a solution of POLYCRYL.
-When the POLYCRYL treated wood has dried, the wood can be glued or finished with various finishes. Easy soap and water clean up.


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