Want the rolling barn door hardware “look”, but have minimal space? Look no further! Our Bi-Fold Barn Door Hardware Kits give the pleasing aesthetic of normal barn door hardware, but use only a portion of the space! It is perfect for hallway coat closets, bedroom closets, laundry closets, pantries, and so much more. The hardware is easy to install, comes in two different mount styles and three different rail lengths to fit your desired space. Th ere is also a double-door hardware option available in the 6-ft . rail length! Save space without sacrificing style by purchasing your Bi-Fold Barn Door Hardware Kit today.

Due to the nature of the bi-fold door where one door is fixed, the strap location on the door is fixed (very important for the door to pivot), and there are fixed rail lengths - it becomes necessary to publish maximum door widths for this Bi-Fold Barn Door system to work:

Maximum door(s) widths for each rail size we offer (total width of the door/doors that will be hanging on the rail):

- For the 48" Rail: 49"

- For the 60" Rail: 60-5/16"

- For the 72" Rail: 72-1/4"

If the installer tries to install a door that is beyond the maximum door width recommendations, the door(s) will not be centered on the rail or will not fit on the rail.

Bi-Fold door open
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